Indie Games Concert

As part of the Indie Games Concert on the 16th of May at Paard van Troje in The Hague, SiLab has been participating in an audience game with live interactive instrumental music.

The Residentie Orkest will perform the music composed by students of the HKU, which is linked to the audience game developed by students of the HKU. The project is called En Masse! 

More information on the event can be found on the website of Dutch Game Music.



Sound Walk Hilversum and DBLR projects completed

SoundwalkDBLRIn the past four months a student team has been working as part of the SiLab in two projects:
– DBLR media
– Sound Walk Hilversum

The two assignments were:
– Sound Walk Hilversum: bring back liveliness to the city center of Hilversum by giving attention to the rich media history of the city. This is done by guiding people through the city with an interactive sound walk.
– DBLR: research new concepts and new application fields for the DBLR app/technology.

During the research process the students decided to merge the projects into one since the DBLR project was in need for content and the Sound Walk Hilversum project was in need of technology to test the ideas for the sound walk. The project continued under the project name ‘The Soundwalk’.

The concept for The Soundwalk is that of an interactive sound walk for a wide age group, with lots of playful elements and a finalising reward for the player. Target audience for the concept are families. More specific families visiting Beeld & Geluid (The Netherlands Institute For Sound and Vision) in Hilversum. The sound walk starts there and takes visitors on tour through some historical radio and television spots in the city and ends in the city center.

Below is a short video impression of the concept for The Soundwalk app. Please note that all of this was done within the context of a research project. This app is not a final product but a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the possibilities. The commissioners of the assignment B35/The White Box and DBLR Media are looking into a continuation of the ideas of the students and if it is possible to realise a real version of The Soundwalk.

The Soundwalk – concept presentation from Sonic Interaction Lab on Vimeo.

Dropstuff Sonicscape test

The footage below is a capture of the test of the Sonicscape installation which was designed for Dropstuff. Unfortunately there were technical issues on the Dropstuff plaform but with this video it is possible to get an impression of the installation responding to player gestures and the look and feel of the sound and visuals. This installation allowed for two players at different locations (both with a large Dropstuff screen) to play a game and create a soundscape together.

At this moment, this project will not be followed up, but we are looking into ways to continue the research into live audio games in public spaces.

More on this project can be found here.

SiLab Dropstuff project – Sonicscape from Sonic Interaction Lab on Vimeo.


dropstuff is een ‘museum zonder muren’; een unieke digitale culturele infrastructuur van onderling verbonden publieke beeldschermen waarop mediakunstwerken en artistieke games worden gepresenteerd. zendt een interactieve artistieke programmering uit op een netwerk van ‘urban screens’ op centrale pleinen en stations, locaties waar dagelijks een van nature groot en breed publiek aanwezig is. Tegelijk zendt uit op mobiele schermen op festivals, eventementen en online via Met behulp van een smartphone en bewegingsdetectie kunnen bezoekers van de schermen de kunstwerken en games live individueel aansturen en spelen met bezoekers bij de andere DROPSTUFF-schermen. De schermen vormen daarmee ook ‘portals in tijd en ruimte’. heeft het SiLab gevraagd om mee te werken aan ‘THE BRIDGE 2.0’. De opdracht is een game te maken die gepresenteerd zal worden in Zweden en Nederland in het kader van het officiële programma van het Nederland-Zweden-jaar.

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