SiLab meetings

This is an overview of the upcoming and past SiLab meetings.

  • 21-04-2015 Gerard van Wolferen – temporal aspects of music perception. (=MOVED!)
  • 07-04-2015: SiLab @ MAPLab, + kickoff Indie Games Concert week at Maplab.
    This meeting will be held at HKU MAPLAB.
  • 03-03-2015 Bertus van Daalen –
  • 03-02-2015 Than van Nispen – Interactive Music Systems for Karmaflow in Concert (Metropole Orkest, Jan Stulen). Discussion “En Masse!” project for Indie Games Concert 2015.
  • 02-12-2014 Ciska Vriezenga – Sound and interactive toys & Daniël Schotsborg – Brain-interfaces for music systems.
  • 04-11-2014 Thijs Koerselman – Online data driven audiovisual artwork ‘We Need Us’ [more information].
  • 07-10-2014 Marco Alkema – Dropstuff The Bridge [more information].

Meetings will be held in Kelder 6 and start at 10:00. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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